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PolonaNet (14)Let’s play agility is a class that focuses on motivation, speed & focus in agility. It is a step-by-step guide on how to get the best out of your dog on a course. We will slowly upgrade the games from Let’s play into real agility training, making sure that we don’t loose the speed and enthusiasm in the process. We will also deal with common “turn off’s”; distractions, fears, problematic obstacles…

Let’s play agility is basically meant as a follow up class to Let’s play. This order of things is especially important with dogs that are dealing with motivational issues.

I strongly believe that it is important to build good foundation skills before actually starting with obstacle work and the two classes are designed as a step by step approach towards a fast and confident dog. It is possible to join the class without previously completing the LP, however only if your dog’s playing skills are adequate – meaning he will happily chase a thrown toy (or a food pouch) with full speed and will work for food even with distractions around. To make sure you can keep up with the people who took the LP before LP agility it is also necessary to take the silent auditing option on the last LP class. You can also email me if you have trouble deciding which class to take.

The class has 6 topics. You can join us as a participant or an auditor. The participants get to post their training videos and ask questions. Auditors can see everything that is going on in our playroom, they can also participate in discussions and ask questions, but they don’t get to post videos.

We will focus on the new topic every 14 days. I will publish a written description and video example/course map of the exercise.

You need access to agility equipment for this class. Most of the work can be done with few jumps and a tunnel, but we will work on longer courses and other obstacles, so it is perfect if you get to train on a full course at least once per week.

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    We will work on introducing obstacles into the established games.
  • Topic 2: TURNS CAN BE FUN!

    We will make sure that turns won’t become turn-offs.

    Is there an obstacle your dog absolutely hates? Not for long, we will help them see it in a whole other way. And while we are at it, we will find his happy obstacles as well!

    Make sure your dog finds training sessions fun. Find a way to make even the most difficult things look easy and fun. Build up a routine, which will help your dog get ready for trials at full speed!
  • Topic 5: 1+1=2

    We will learn about how to help the dog stay keep high drive and focus in longer sequences.

    How to make a competition less stressful for both you and your dog? We will work on how to maintain the speed and focus even when under spotlight!
€ 110

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

€ 180

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

Post videos.

Participant + Silent Auditor for Let’s play
€ 280

Full participation in Let’s play Agility and

see everything in Let’s play classroom.