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Life of a puppy is an exclusive insight into how I raise my puppies. It is based on 20+ years of dog training experience in multiple areas and sport disciplines and 15+ years of teaching classes and seminars, training and competing in the highest level in agility, resulting in numerous medals and other achievements with dogs of different breeds and backgrounds.

You get to follow puppy Jimmy through his first 4 months with me. I will post videos, featuring different areas of his life – everything I find important for his development into a confident and happy dog, my farming partner and an agility dog – or whatever future has in store for us. But this project is more than just that – I will combine Jimmy’s life and training with experiences and examples gathered from everything I have ever done with dogs. It will include my thoughts on various living/training issues, troubleshooting sheets and other materials to help you understand your puppy (dog) and build the best possible partnership.

It is not a regular online class – meaning there will be no homework and you can’t post about your own training, but you can ask questions about Jimmy’s training or anything else I display or discuss at any stage.

Life of a puppy includes:

  • 2-3 videos per week, featuring every day challenges, playing and learning sessions of Jimmy the little BC puppy.
  • Weekly explanations and summaries about anything I find important in that time period.
  • General thoughts and observations about emotions and drives – everything I know about fears, aggression, dependency, motivation…
  • General thoughts on learning process and training methods.
  • Troubleshooting and explanation sheets to help you recognize/solve problems or navigate through your puppy upbringing with ease.
  • It also includes how I choose my puppies and some thoughts about breeding and raising a litter.


You can purchase this content for €55,00 per month or get a 4-months package for €200,00.


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Get to know your puppy.

Building a relationship.

Playing & learning sessions.

Handling emotions.

Follow Jimmy grow from 2-6 months.

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Choosing a puppy.

Getting to know your puppy.


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