Train, Trust & GO!


"We don`t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." (George B. Shaw)


"It takes two stones to make a fire." (Luisa May Alcott)


"A smile is the best way to get away with the trouble." (Masashi Kishimoto)

Go crazy

"One person`s craiziness is another person`s reality." (Tim Burton)

Recent News

It`s what we do

  • We are in agility since 1998 when I started to train with my Gordon Setter Toby. At the moment I am competing internationally with 4 dogs in all height categories. I am also an agility instructor, teaching both nationally and internationally.

  • I love to do obedience with my dogs. It is kind of a meditation for us. We like to try ourselves in all obedience related disciplines (Rally Obedience, BH, FCI Obedience). I also teach obedience for puppies and adults.

  • IPO is my first love and biggest passion. I passed IPO1 and 2 exams with one of my Croatians. At the moment I am having fun with my furious Malinois šČEne.

  • Since I firmly believe that diversity is very important when it comes to training dogs, we are recreationally active in several other activities; herding, Frisbee, tricks and area search.