Welcome to the playroom! Our main goal is to work on your dog’s attitude, playfulness and speed. This class has 6 topics. We will open one topic per week. Additionally there will be 3 more weeks after we have covered all the topics, so everyone can work on whatever their biggest issue is. There is no rush, take your time with things. All the topics will remain open for discussion for the whole duration of the class.

You are very welcome to start your own forum topic, you’re your introduction and learn about how to post videos!

While you are waiting for the class to start, you are very welcome to read my article Motivational puzzle. It explains how I approach motivational problems and puts the exercises from this class in a context.
The things you don’t necessary have at home but will be used in this class are:

  • at least 5 identical balls
  • the food pocket toy (LINK) (It does not have to be exactly this one, you can improvise with an old soft pencil bag, or any other bag that you can close well - just as long as the material is soft enough and pleasant for the dog to bite in…)
  • the food ball (LINK) (If you find an alternative to this ball it is perfectly OK, the only important thing is that it behaves like a ball (you need to be able to throw it well and it has to do the bouncing like any other ball) but keep the food inside until you push it out. Those self-entertaining balls with wholes are not OK for this purpose…)
  • some fluffy toys (at least 2 identical)
  • rope

raaLet's play with Floramicato!

I am happy to announce that this year all my Let's play students get a special discount in the Floramicato toy shop! They make custom made tugging toys in bunch of different variations. You can get them with pockets for food, squeakers or both. They come in many different colours and "fur length". They even make toys made out of actual fur. And these are not the only toys they make! Check their FB page for more informations! They ship all around the globe. If you order one, you get a 10% discount with the following code: LETSPLAYRAA2018
How does this work?
- Every participant creates their own topic in the forum on the bottom of the page. Each week I will open a new topic with exercises. (the topic button will turn red) There is always a description and a video example of each exercise. Participants can videotape their own training sessions and post your video link (you need to previously upload it on YouTube or some similar platform) in their own forum topic. Before posting, please check my instructions in "how to post videos" topic in general section of the forum. I will analyse the video and answer all questions you might have about the exercise.
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      Here is where I will post general informations, relevant for all/more than just one participant.  Most common problems, problems that are not directly related to playing but can affect your dog's performance,... You can use it as well to post general questions for other students, such as what camera/editing software they use, the questions you have about the forum etc.
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      Please create your topic in this sub-forum, naming it - "your name" & "your dog's name", "breed", "age of the dog" +  country you are from. If you paid for more dogs as one (2nd dog option), still create just one topic and add both names/breeds/ages. - See my example topic. Write your introduction in the topic you created and then you'll be adding all the future videos to that topic, so things stay easy to find and progress of each student easy to follow. You're welcome to comment and ask questions in topics of others as well of course.
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