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PolonaStudioOld (11)Let’s play obedience is a fun and step-by-step approach to obedience training. It focuses on how to make every exercise understandable, easy and fun. We will not follow one particular obedience program, but lay foundations that will be very useful no matter if your goal is to compete in any kind of obedience related sports or just have an additional activity and/or challenge for your agility dog.

The program is designed in a way that it is appropriate for beginners, but also for teams who want to improve focus and motivation in obedience, or re-train particular problematic exercise.

The class has 6 topics. You can join us as a participant or an auditor. The participants get to post their training videos and ask questions. Auditors can see everything that is going on in our playroom, they can also participate in discussions and ask questions, but they don’t get to post videos.

You don’t need access to any official training place for this class.


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  • Topic 1: WARM UP TRICKS

    It all starts with good old tricks.
  • Topic 2: HEELING – Basic Position

    Good understanding is a key to a good heel.
  • Topic 3: HEELING – Duration

    Extra work means extra payment – teach your dog to stay focused even when the exercise gets longer.
  • Topic 4: POSITIONS + DUMBELL WORK – Basic Position

    We will work on proper sit, down and stay, as well as first introduction to the dumbbell and a good steady grip.
  • Topic 5: SENDS + DUMBELL WORK – Retrieving

    We will have our share of fun with the send away as well as fast and precise retrieves.
  • Topic 6: ROUTINES

    We will focus on gluing the exercises into one solid routine. Keeping speed, drive and focus to a maximum level.
€ 110

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

€ 180

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

Post videos.

Participant + Silent Auditor for Let’s play
€ 280

Full participation in Let’s play Obedience and

see everything in Let’s play classroom.

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