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PolonaNet (14)Let's play agility got a complete and total makeover. It developed from being a class for developing speed and motivation towards a great foundation/troubleshooting class for all kinds of dogs, with plenty of different exercises and drills for both brainiacs and maniacs. We will cover straight lines, distance skills, turns, ins/outs and more... Every skill will be explained in details and there will be exercise suggestions for dogs that need more drive as well as dogs that need more thinking skills and control. And the feedback is always completely personalised.

If you are having troubles getting your dog to play, run full speed or focus, I strongly recommend you take this class as a follow up or in combination with Let's play.

The class has 6 topics. You can join us as a participant or an auditor. The participants get to post their training videos and ask questions. Auditors can see everything that is going on in our playroom, they can also participate in discussions and ask questions, but they don’t get to post videos.

We will focus on the new topic every 14 days. I will publish a written description and video example/course map of the exercise.

You need access to agility equipment for this class. Most lessons will include living room exercises and backyards drills with minimal equipment (jumps and tunnel(s)), but there will be some course maps for longer sequences as well for when you can train on a full course.

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    We will work on developing full speed and maximum control in straight lines.
  • Topic 2: TURNS - TIGHT AND FUN

    We will make sure that turns won’t become turn-offs and how to keep tightness with full speed.
  • Topic 3: IN's and OUT's

    There is no modern agility without the two. Get the perfect understanding and execution.

    Make sure your dog listens and is able to choose the right obstacle even when you are not there to point it out.

    We will learn about how to help the dog stay keep high drive and focus in longer sequences.

    How to make a competition less stressful for both you and your dog? We will work on how to maintain the speed and focus even when under spotlight!
€ 140

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

€ 220

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

Post videos.

Participant + Silent Auditor for Let’s play
€ 320

Full participation in Let’s play Agility and

see everything in Let’s play classroom.