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Lets PlayLet the games begin! I have decided to offer classes focusing on what I believe is the most important part of dog training – the attitude! I want my dogs to be passionate about everything they do. It doesn’t only make them faster, but also more focused, responsive and willing to please. Do you have a dog that doesn’t give you full speed in agility or just gets too stressed at competitions? Would you like to learn how to play with your dog in the right way, develop his drives and help him find confidence and speed? Reward the dog effectively? It all starts with playing! What looks like a silly game in fact makes your dog happier, braver, more passionate and focused.

This class is perfect for all dogs with motivational issues and puppies as well as for anyone trying to improve the relationship with their dog or just have lots and lots of fun.

The class has 6 topics. You can join us as a participant or a silent auditor. The participants get to post their training videos and ask questions. Silent auditors don’t get to participate in discussions, but they can observe everything that goes on in the playroom.

All you need for this class is some time, few toys and a good spirit. We will be using some basic fitness equipment in the Iron dog topic, but nothing so fancy that can’t be improvised at home.

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  • Topic 1: FOOD GAMES

    Learn about fun games that can make your picky eater enjoy his food, or simply find a way to use food to build up speed and enthusiasm in training!
  • Topic 2: TOYS&MORE

    Is your dog a tugger or a chaser? What kind of toys does he like most? We will explore many different ways of playing with dogs and discover their passions.
  • Topic 3: RUN, RUN, RUN & HAPPY TRICK

    We will encourage and reward full speed running. Help them reach maximum speed running after you, towards you, away from you and with you. Find and reinforce a happy trick.
  • Topic 4: IRON DOG

    Make sure your dog’s body can follow his mind. Building muscles, balance and body awareness.

    Learn how to get the toy back struggle free!

    We will focus on switching between rewards and keeping the attitude high even when the toy is out of sight!
€ 150

See everything.

Ask questions.

Participate in discussions.

Post videos.

Silent Auditor
€ 70

See everything.

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