• ID

    BREED: Parson Russel Terrier
    FULL NAME: Snow white
    BREEDER: Brigita Zajec
    BIRTHDAY: 15.12.2008

    Pattela luxation - operated
    Deaf on one ear

    EO 2014 - 2nd place

Roo is my rent-a-dog, owned by my friend Tinca Furlan. Tinca started with her agility training, but decided competitions are way too stressful for her non-competitive nature, so this is where I stepped in. And we are having tons of fun together. Despite her little tiny legs, she is probably the fastest dog I ever run with, constantly setting best times among all sizes.

Apart from being an excellent agility dog, Roo is such a funny thing. Totally and completely crazy in the ring, and soooo calm and cuddly at home, that I actually thought she was sick the first time I visited Tinca at home. And on top of everything, she is as cute as it gets. Don’t you think so?