I have a thing for cats. Especially when they are black. After Hani died, I was trying to resist the temptation for a while, but when I saw little mr.Mjav, just a day old, it was more than I could bare. So few weeks later little brave kitten joined our pack. As it turned out, Mjav is not exactly a sophisticated, complicated and aloof creature like cats tend to be. As a kitten he was actually surprisingly like puppy Šaj: loud, hyperactive and ALWAYS right behind my feet, behaving just like we expect from puppies, so I never had the heart to tell him he is in fact not a dog. So he gets to do what the dogs do; walk with us (when it is safe enough), learn new tricks with clicker, and he even worked a seminar with me once, safely tucked under my jacket. But one thing we love most is cuddle and believe me, not many things can make you feel better as quickly as a purring cat does.
My dogs probably think that black bastard has super powers. The fact that he can appear on every shelf and disappears in tiniest little holes despite the fact that he is almost as big as Šja is beyond their understanding, so no one really want’s to mess with him. Therefore he is uninomusly proclaimed as THE KING OF THE CASTLE.