Šaj`s litter

  • Mother: Mawlch Shaj (Šaj)
    Father: Mawlch Rum (Odi)
    Kennel: Mawlch
    Born: Litter expected around 15th of April.

  • Šaj (Mawlch Shay) is simply cool. She has really nice temperament, very open, and she is just always happy and ready for action. Apart from agility, she is a fantastic Frisbee and obedience dog and of course the prettiest girl around.
  • Odi (Mawlch Rum) is one of Kiša`s boys. He is a very sweet and friendly guy, with an exceptional physical abilities. He is tall and really flexible and moves with no effort at all. He is in the very beginning of his agility career and having lot`s of fun with IPO trainings (just like his furious mother).
  • rodovnikSAJ

Kiša`s litter

  • Mother: Kiša Con Maige
    Father: Rex
    Kennel: Mawlch
    Born: 4.11. 2011 (5 males, 1 female)

  • We decided to breed Kiša because of her exceptional working abilities. She turned out to be a great mixture of her parents, as she inherited versatility from her legendary mum Miška Certisa and furiosity from her father Mawlch Grom. That means she can basically do whatever you can think of and she can do it in a great style. Kiša`s first and main activity is agility. She had a great career with many great results, the best being 2nd place at European Open 2012. She passed IPO 1 and IPO 2, competed in Frisbee trials and works with sheep.

  • Rex is a full time farm dog with an amazing character. He herds as well as protects his stock, even fighting a wild boar away when needed, but in his free time, he is the sweetest fellow you can imagine. One thing I absolutely love about Rex is that you can see the cleverness in his eyes. For me he is a prototype of the real working dog. A real modest worker, his owners right arm. Seeing him and his sons in their environment was a very memorable experience for me. Not only I was stunned by their looks, I was also fascinated with their behaviour. There was not a sign of any nervous or shy behaviour. They owned the place and greeted us like friends.

  • arodovnikKISA