• ID

    BREED:: Croatian Sheepdog
    FULL NAME: Mawlch Shay
    CALLING NAME: Šaj (Shaj)
    BREEDER: Alen Mareković, Mawlch
    BIRTHDAY: 08.03.2006

    HYPS: free (A,A)
    ELBOWS: free
    SHOULDERS: normal

    Obedience: exam B-BH, RO1, RO2
    national championship RO1 – 3rd place
    CACIT Pula NP-A – 1st place
    Croatian Sheepdog Working Championship 2009:
    agility 1st place
    overall 2nd place
    BOB at special dog show
    3rd in 1.FCI group
    3rd among authentic breeds
    Croatian Sheepdog Working Championship 2012
    overall 2nd place

Šaj came into my life looking like a little black sheep and turned it upside down immediately. Loud, savage, quarrelsome and full of self-esteem she almost drove me crazy in the first few weeks. I was faced with 8 weeks old puppy that refused to sleep for more than an hour at a time, no matter how tired she was. And when she was awake, she stormed around like a tornado crashing everything in her way.

But from day one, I just had to love her. Yes, she is demanding, but she is also the most cheerful dog I know. Nothing in this world can take the smile off her face or her tail off her back. No matter what she is doing, she does it like it is the greatest thing a dog can do.

The only thing she complains about is boredom. Her never-ending enthusiasm can be tiring sometimes, but it makes her a great dog to work with. Because of a great resemblance to her fantastic mother I hope Šaj will do her justice on agility courses. For now it looks promising. She has a really nice heeling style, and enjoys obedience a lot. But if there is one thing she loves above other it is Frisbee. That dog would die sooner than stop chasing it. Unfortunately I suck at throws, so we are stuck at recreational level, but luckily Šaj is not worrying about my technique at all. As long as I get it to fly she is happy.

In her free time, her biggest occupation is making sure everyone knows she is around. Because of her annoying habit of barking constantly in other dogs’ ears, she is not the most desired playmate, but the ones who know her better (and maybe turn deaf in the process , start to appreciate her positive spirit and constant readiness for action. She is not just loud, she is LOUD. It makes her a great watch dog, but it can also be annoying sometimes. She barks out of boredom, happiness, excitement, watchfulness or just for fun and even with her mouth full.

I had to say goodbye to my soulmate in May 2021.