• ID

    BREED: Mudi
    FULL NAME: Ozugrato Buzavirag
    CALLING NAME: Šja (Shja)
    BREEDER: Zsuzsanna Pallagi, Ozugrato
    BIRTHDAY: 14.5.2003

    HYPS: normal
    ELBOWS: free
    CARDIAC TESTS: EKG and ultrasound – both normal

    EO 2005 – 2nd place
    European open winner 2007
    National champion 2008
    EO 2011 – 2nd place
    Qualified for AWC 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

I could see from the first day that she is one smart little puppy. She has a clever solution for every problem she is faced with in daily life and she learns incredibly quickly. In just a few months she learned more than 20 different commands and tricks, along with the basics of agility training. She loves to learn, and when I am teaching something new, you can almost see the “brainstorm” in her head and smile on her face when she gets it. She is really proud when she learns something, and tries to show off the new trick as often as possible. Even though I generally like this enthusiasm it can be annoying sometimes. After she learned how to switch the lights on and off, I had a quite inconvenient light show for a while. It took some time before she gave up, and realised she is only supposed to do it once, before we go to bed.

Agility is of course her number one sport, but as a true Mudi, she has a lot of fun herding, so I try my best to organize our trainings on sheep.

She loves to play, but unlike normal dogs, she likes best to play on her own. She uses her front paws or muzzle to kick the toy (or anything that can be used for the same purpose) around or in the air. When she is playing surroundings just disappear for her. With a smiling face she jumps around, barks, rolls over, and crawls around with her hind legs stretched behind her. You just cannot stay serious if you witness that.

I could write about her all day and still only tell you little bits of what she is. She is that little doggy that loves to sleep under my blanket, takes every job seriously, and follows me around like a shadow. She is the one who always amazes me with some new innovations and makes me laugh with her cute strangeness. She is the dog I will never totally understand, but always admire – my little Šja.

I had to say goodbye to little Šja in September 2018.