• ID

    BREED: Border Collie
    FULL NAME: Blacksheep Billy the Kid
    BREEDER: Gianni Canopoli, Blacksheep
    BIRTHDAY: 11.4.2021

    Still to come

    Still to come

Getting Billy was the most unplanned and impulsive buy you can think of. The kind one would always discourage if asked for an opinion. But there I was, brokenhearted from loosing Šaj when this tiny little puppy caught my eye while visiting Jim's breeder for some herding training. There was just something about her, walking around all cocky and smug so I made a spur of the moment decision and little gangster joined the gang.

Billy is well... a little wild creature. There is probably a raccoon somewhere in the woods bragging about a passionate affair with the farm dog that is Billy's mom. She is a furious little thing, always in motion and never doing anything slowly. I honestly feel she would be perfectly happy living alone in the woods.

She is ridiculously funny, most of the time she looks and behaves like she just escaped out of "What-a-mess" cartoon.

While Jim was incredibly easy from day one, this little gangster is a true test of my nerves and skills. She has no manners at all and is not the slightest bit ashamed of it. She is all over the place all the time, doing 7 things at once. Motivated and playful, always ready to rock'n'roll, never ready to stay still.

However to my amazement she shows a totally different side of her while herding. Calm and intense, never loosing her nerves, super quick on her feet and no troubles controlling the herd. I guess I see little glimpses of the girls I lost in her, Kiša's intensity, Šaj's sassiness and Šja's super smart brain... but at the same time she is a creature of her own. Wildly different to any dog I ever owned, incredibly fun but just as challenging to train. Yet something tells me she will be the one to turn heads once we figure everything out. My little gangsta.