• ID

    BREED: Malinois
    FULL NAME: Baxus iz Gratsiano
    BREEDER: Tatiana Pravda, Gratsiano
    BIRTHDAY: 14.5.2003

    HIPS: normal (A1, A1)
    ELBOWS: free (ED-0)
    SPONDY: 0 free
    GENETIC TEST: Full MyDogDNA pannel - clear

    CACIT Drenigov memorial 2021 2nd place
    National Championship 2021 4th place
    FMBB Qualification 2021 2nd place - Qualified for FMBB 2022 Greece

Sometimes life makes sure you get what you want when you are ready for it and it just doesn't get any better than that. The thing is - even as a tiny girl, I was always in awe of protection dogs and that was the sport I wanted to do... but my parents somehow didn't think getting a girl in her early teens a serious dog was a smart move. So I found agility, got sucked in, but the desire to do protection sports never went away. So after years of compromises with my braveheart Kiša and crazy Che, I started to play with the idea of getting a dog specifically for IGP sport. The universe decided I was ready so a few crazy coincidences later, here comes Baxus. My big, awesome, always happy Baxus. A dog with nerves of steel and not a single worry in his life. He is contagiously happy and enthusiastic, acting like the world is his playground.

He is dominant in the best possible meaning of this word, confident without being cocky or having to show off. He is not the type of dog to go nuts for food or toys and I had to take my time building the right motivation and frame of mind for obedience, but his rock solid mind makes him incredibly reliable under pressure.

The more difficult the challenge, the better he gets - as if the easy things are not worth wasting energy for.

He is really big and strong and makes the helpers work hard for their money. But he can also be cuddly and gentile, waking me up every morning by putting his giant head next to mine demanding a little love before we go on to tackle the day. I truly enjoy this big boy, both in every day life and in training and can't wait for what the future holds for us.