Mr. David Bowie joined us as part of the “training cats for camera” project I am involved in with a couple of my friends. My friend and I got him and his "look alike" brother as kittens, so they could be properly socialized and trained and eventually/potentially used on movie sets. Since Corona hit, his official training is not really at the level we were hoping for when we first got this plan, but he has been places and is the friendliest little thing you can imagine.

He is really playful and absolutely LOVES it when there is a puppy in the house. If he is allowed he will gladly follow us at our walks and than complain half way that his little legs are tired and I have to carry him around. He wants to be in someone’s company all the time and doesn't take no for an answer, so he eventually persuades everyone to be friends with him. If I am home, he follows me around like a little annoying shadow and tries to mess with anything I am doing.

You can often see him on my dog training videos... stealing their food, knocking over camera, popping out of the tunnels or jumping on my back when I least expect it.

Even if we weren't able to practice or film as much during Corona times, he still completed a couple of TV project successfully, so I can't really blame him for being a little annoying diva in his free time.