We have a new logo

We have a brand new logo and we LOVE it. It is simple, energetic and a little bit unusual. Just like us. It was made by a talented graphic designer Tomo Per (krdelo.si) based on one of my all time favorite photos made by Iztok Noč.
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Happy Birthday Šaj

My awesome dog celebrated her birthday this weekend. Happy birthday Šaj and I wish your morning sickness would go away as soon as possible!
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Training my puppy to be healthy

There has been a lot of discussion lately on how much the puppies should be trained and whether or not training destroys their happy puppyhood. Saying puppies shouldn’t be trained for sports is kind of like saying that kid’s shouldn’t do sports because of the pictures google...
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The Gang had a Makeover!

Welcome to our brand new homepage. Feel free to explore and comment, and if you spot any malfunctions, please let me know. Before I do anything else, I owe a HUGE thanks to people, who devoted their time and talent to help me with this page. First and foremost to my brother...
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About CS and the Mudi

“I don’t want to get a Border Collie because everyone has them” – that’s the most common answer I get when I ask people who are thinking of getting a Croatian shepherd why they want one. I don’t think this is a good reason to buy any dog, so as you can imagine I get quite annoyed...
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Hi! My name is Polona, and when it comes to the dogs – I am a workaholic. It started a long time ago, even before I got my first dog, when I was just a little girl with big eyes who spent her afternoons hanging on the fence of the closest dog club, watching other people train...
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2on2off or running contacts? Both.

Cannot decide between 2on 2off or running contacts? You can have both. To be honest, I didn`t plan to teach Kiša both, I started her on running contacts, but like with Šaj I had huge problems with them once I started to compete. I tried to improve them, but at one point I gave...
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Kiša’s boys

Kiša’s puppies are little over 1 year old, and it is time to brag with them a bit. We are happy with the owners, all of the pups live an active life, like every CS should.   Rum (Odi) is in Slovenia with my friend Tanja, and her crazy little PRT Pepper. They are active in...
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Introducing šČEne

So here it goes – our pack has officially grown. The newest member was not planned, or chosen… She simply happened, and she is damn cool… She comes from very successful IPO lines, and I must say I have a major crush for her father. He is a crazy flying beast, and I can only hop...
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Bad ass Kiša

So Kiša passed IPO2. My decision to try with the exam was quite impulsive, I signed in about 10 days before the exam, based on her performance on 2nd CS working championship. We did not have much time for training, so I really did not have a clue what to expect. The most pleasant...
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