Competition Report

This is a really strange year for me. I have stopped competing with Kiša, because I found out she has some back problems. She is not in a bad shape, but jumping isn’t doing her any good, so I have decided to focus on herding and other activities that are healthier for her. Šaj is...
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Our boys are growing up with speed of light. All of the sudden they have caught up with their development and they are just going strong since than. At this point they are still both fearless. Going head first into anything and anyone. Joey (yellow) is the big boy, strong and...
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Šaj’s puppies

There are no words to describe how much I was looking forward to Šaj’s litter. And than it all went so horribly wrong. I was expecting puppies anywhere from 11-13th of April. I had everything ready but Šaj looked like nothing is happening. There was a moment on Saturday, when I...
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Bad Bad Dog

Finally I found some time to update this short clip of šČE's first TV appearance. As you can imagine, being a Malinois doesn't really give you cute family roles, no matter how sweet and friendly you really are. Well who cares, we can do the mean face just as well, don't you think?
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Motivation Puzzle

If you ask me, there are not many things in dog training that can get more frustrating than lack of motivation. Nothing more depressing than seeing your dog just sniffing away or trotting around, when you are all pumped up, jumping around, trying everything just to get him going....
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Crazy Roo – Progress Report

Time for a little progress report on my trainings with little Roo. Since our last competition, I am trying to fix her start-up routine, because I believe that our current routine is not putting her into a right mode. My goal was to find a good routine that meets two criteria: 1....
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The Mummy Update

So mummy Šaj is about 6 weeks pregnant now. Her belly got bigger, so she started to look like a mum to be (or just a very fat dog). She had a horrible morning (well actually “all day") sickness around her 4th week. She refused to eat, vomited and felt really sick for some days,...
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Let’s Play

Yeap, we love to play! The registration for our brand new online class is open! Feel free to join the fun! CLICK HERE for more info...
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Online Class Registration Starts Now

After lots and lots of administration and computer work everything is finally ready for the online class registration! So you are free to join our super playful class about developing speed, drive and motivation. CLICK HERE for more info! What else is new? Roo and šČEne have been...
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The “Kick in the Butt” Competition

Last weekend’s competition didn’t go so well. I was competing with Roo and Šče and things just went really wrong in almost every run. The initial response was a bit of self-pity and disappointment, but than it hit me – I am simply spoiled. Šja, Šaj and Kiša have reached the level...
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