Winter Blues

2015 haven’t started so well for us. Little Šja has troubles with her eyes, and šČE got injured + all the rain and snow and snow and rain… Let’s just say I wish that summer would come already! But having to stay at home has it advantages too. I kicked my self in the butt and...
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Joey The Gang Member

It took a while, but Joey the little PUNK is now officially the gang member and has his own personal page. He most definitely needs some more photos and videos. We will work on that. For now you can admire his personal page HERE.
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Back from B.A.C.K. 2015

B.A.C.K. sure is a great competition. Ostbyerenhalle is by far my favorite place for such a big agility competition and I am already looking forward to EO 2015 there! I have competed with šČE and my crazy rent-a-terrier Roo. All and all I am really happy with their performances....
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Bye, bye 2014

It has been a crazy year. Bittersweet, like things usually are in life. The disaster of the year was surely Šaj’s litter. It was really hard to get over all the horrible things that happened, BUT Joey and Juju made it through and they are awesome little boys. Joey the punk stayed...
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Let’s play starts again! The registration for the second addition of the most fun and playful class is open! The first lesson starts on September 22th!   We will play, run, find passions, embrace the little craziness and most of all have fun! CLICK HERE for more information...
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Puppy Fever

Our puppies are growing up. Big Joey become Juju and went to live with his father. Well my friend Tanja (Odi’s owner) to be exact. Little Ross became Joey and he is the newest addition to our gang. They are both amazing little fellows, brave, playful and funny, but I will get...
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Competition Report

This is a really strange year for me. I have stopped competing with Kiša, because I found out she has some back problems. She is not in a bad shape, but jumping isn’t doing her any good, so I have decided to focus on herding and other activities that are healthier for her. Šaj is...
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Our boys are growing up with speed of light. All of the sudden they have caught up with their development and they are just going strong since than. At this point they are still both fearless. Going head first into anything and anyone. Joey (yellow) is the big boy, strong and...
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Šaj’s puppies

There are no words to describe how much I was looking forward to Šaj’s litter. And than it all went so horribly wrong. I was expecting puppies anywhere from 11-13th of April. I had everything ready but Šaj looked like nothing is happening. There was a moment on Saturday, when I...
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Bad Bad Dog

Finally I found some time to update this short clip of šČE's first TV appearance. As you can imagine, being a Malinois doesn't really give you cute family roles, no matter how sweet and friendly you really are. Well who cares, we can do the mean face just as well, don't you think?
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